Arrow River Community Center

A Buddhist forest monastery offering a traditional monastic lifestyle and periodic formal retreats. Founded in 1975 as a lay meditation center by Kema Ananda. The resident bhikkhu, Punnadhammo, is a former student of Kema’s who took ordi­nation in Thailand in 1990. address: Box 2, RR7, Site 7, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 5V5 PHONE: (807) 933-4434 e-mail: stumuirhead@msn. com lineage: Thai Forest (Ajahn Chah) spiritual head: Punnadhammo Bhik­khu, Resident Director


established: 1975; 1996 as a monastery. facilities: Five kutis, meditation hall, workshop, sauna. meditation program: Anapanasati and Vipassana primarily; also metta, asubha, and so on as required. retreats offered: By arrangement— anything from weekend to three months.

publications: Northern Aurora

Buddha Sasana Yeiktha of Ontario

Buddha Sasana Yeiktha is an interna­tional meditation center in the lineage of the late Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw and under the spiritual guidance of Ven. Sayadaw U

Pandita. A rural retreat facility, the Cen­ter welcomes meditators (both individu­als and groups) to practice at their own convenience rather than having to wait for a scheduled formal retreat. However, well-known senior meditation masters (ordained sangha) are invited to conduct organized retreats from time to time and, for those unable to come to the country property, daylong Vipassana sittings are held once a month at our Toronto branch. Open to all. address: RR 1, Severn Bridge, ON POE 1N0

phone: (705) 689-5642 fax: Same

lineage: Mahasi Vipassana Meditation spiritual head: Ven. Sayadaw U Pandi - tabhivamsa contact: Sr. Khema Nandi, Resident Director AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1994

facilities: Rural live-in facilities for on­site retreats. meditation program: Daily meditation and chanting. retreats offered: One-day city re­treats; weekends; five - and ten-day re­treats; open guided individual retreats.

Buddhist Meditation Hermitage

Mostly Indian, Bangladeshi, and Paki­stani membership. Plan to build a tem­ple. We walk for world peace. Donations to food banks. Social welfare work. Medi­tation and some counseling, mostly to the immigrant community, responding to questions about Buddhism. address: 3 Brimley Road, #405, Scarborough, ON M1M 3W2 PHONE: (416) 269-1056 fax: Same

lineage: Bangladesh. Ancient Thera­vada.

spiritual head: Sumano Muni contact: Soma Kanti Barul

AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1992 facilities: Meditation room. retreats offered: Weekends publications: Buddhist Thought and Meditation in the Nuclear Age, Bud­dhism and Science, In Quest of Truth, a Buddhist novel (all by Soma Kanti Barul); “Life of the Buddha,” a video.

Burmese Buddhist Association of Toronto/Maha Dhammika Temple

No description available. address: 435 Hopewell Avenue, To­ronto, ON M6E 2S4 PHONE: (416) 785-7497 fax: Same. Call first. lineage: Burmese

contacts: Ven. U Nanda Vumsa/Ven. U Nanda, Resident Teachers affiliation: Overseas Chinese Burmese temple.

ESTABLISHED: 1988-1989 facilities: One building with monk’s residence. Two shrine rooms. meditation program: Sunday prayer meeting with meditation and Dhamma talk. Question-and-answer period.

Insight Retreats

Insight Retreats organizes meditation courses in southern Ontario, led by Nor­man Feldman and other invited, interna­tionally known teachers in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) tradition. Re­treats are held in silence. The daily schedule includes sitting and walking meditation with instructions, a dharma talk, and individual or small group meet­ings with the teacher(s). The retreats are suitable for beginning and experienced meditators alike. Weekly classes are also held in Lindsay, Ontario. address: 128 Durham Street West, Lind­say, ON K9V 2R5

phone: (705) 799-6992 lineage: Insight Meditation. Theravada tradition.

spiritual heads: Norman Feldman and guest teachers contact: Ellie Stewart

AFFILIATION: Autonomous meditation program: Weekly classes. retreats offered: Silent Vipassana re­treats.

Toronto Insight Meditation Center

Open to anyone willing to accept medita­tive training and rules. address: 54 Millwood Road, Toronto, ON M4S 1J7 PHONE: (416) 932-0327 fax: Same

spiritual head: Alan James contact: Paul McRae, Resident Director affiliation: The House of Inner Tran­quillity (The Aukan Trust) in England ESTABLISHED: 1988

facilities: Residential facility in large three-story house. meditation program: Weekly sittings, tape or study evenings. retreats offered: Weekend or longer, several times a year.

Vipassana Meditation Group

No description available. address: do Karen Soltys, 1329 Leighs Bay Road, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6K4

phone: (705) 949-9629 lineage: Theravada Vipassana contact: Karen Soltys AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1995 facilities: Private home. meditation program: Group medita­tion, last Friday evening of the month. retreats offered: One-day silent re­treat each season.

publications: Spirit Messenger Newslet­ter, biannually.

Westend Buddhist Center

Westend Buddhist Center was established in 1992. People from all walks of life visit the center, which is open to everyone. It is a place of Theravada tradition. A num­ber of well-trained monks of different countries reside here. Everyone speaks several languages in addition to English. Open to all people regardless of their faith.

address: 1569 Cormack Creek, Mississauga, ON L5E 2P8 PHONE: (905) 891-8412 fax: Same

lineage: Theravada tradition spiritual head: Rev. B. Mudita contact: Rev. K. Dhammawasa AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1992

meditation program: Once a week for the public. retreats offered: Once a month. publications: The Wheel, issued bi­monthly.

about Buddhism:
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