The Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago is the oldest continuously practicing Zen temple in the United States. Its training emphasizes the interplay between Bud­dhist and Taoist spiritual practices—Tai Chi Chuan and the Chinese Health Methods. In addition to his thirty-five years of experience in Japanese Bud­dhism, the Rev. Kongo Langlois-Roshi has trained for over three decades in Tao­ist martial arts and other Chinese tradi­tions. As successor to Professor Huo Chi Kwang, he serves as director of the Chi­nese Cultural Academy. Our goal is to as­sist those who would be self-confident, self-responsible, and truly independent. address: 865 Bittersweet, Northbrook, IL 60062 phone: (847) 869-0554 e-mail: s_ericksen@interramp. com lineage: Japanese Soto Zen spiritual head: Rev. Kongo Langlois - Roshi

contact: Stuart Ericksen

AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1949 facilities: Meditation center, 608 Dempster Street, Evanston, Illinois. meditation program: Meditation twice a week. Sunday dharma talk.

retreats offered: Daylong sesshin, first Saturday of the month; three - and four - day retreats, March, June, and No­vember.

publications: Diamond Sword News­letter

about Buddhism:
In addition to weekly zazen practice, we celebrate Buddha’s Birthday and Bodhi Day and hold an occasional potluck supper. address-. Japan House, 902 West Cali­fornia, Urbana, IL
Located in a renovated Pentecostal church building, Zen Buddhist Temple offers services and meditation courses to the general public, and provides a com­munity for fellowship and
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Udumbara Zen Center offers training in Buddhism as a way of life. In addition to meditation, we offer sutra study, a chap­laincy program, and temple officer in­struction. Althoug
The Suma Ching Hai International Asso­ciation follows the Quan Yin method under the leadership of Master Ching Hai. It conducts two-and-a-half-hour meditation sessions for discipl
Toward the end of his life, Shakyamuni Buddha revealed his supreme wisdom in The Saddharma-pundarika (Lotus) Sutra. In it, he taught that all living beings pos­sess an inherent Bu

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In addition to weekly zazen practice, we celebrate Buddha’s Birthday and Bodhi Day and hold an occasional potluck supper. address-. Japan House, 902 West…


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