Bay Zen Center originated in 1985 as a group of students studying with Char­lotte Joko Beck. In 1994 Joko’s Dharma successor, Diane Eshin Rizzetto, became the Center’s teacher and abbot. Practice here is centered in the realization that true liberation rests in the heart of our

worldly activities. In this sense, our work at Bay Zen Center supports an ongoing awareness of life as it is in any moment, in any event, in any place. The center is open to beginners and experienced stu­dents and to people of all traditions. address: 5600A Snake Road, Oakland, CA 94611 phone: (510) 482-2533 FAX: (510) 482-9531 LINEAGE: Zen

spiritual head: Diane Eshin Rizzetto contact: Same

affiliation: Ordinary Mind Zen School/Charlotte Joko Beck ESTABLISHED: 1985 facilities: Urban Zen center. meditation program: Daily zazen. Call for times.

retreats offered: Sesshin: two - to five - day, five per year. Zazenkai (one-day sittings): five per year. publications: Newsletter

about Buddhism:
Zen Wind has a commitment to a com­pletely lay practice. Accordingly we have no temples, monasteries, centers, profes­sional clergy (or mortgage). We have a three-step approach t
Zenshuji is a Japanese community tem­ple. It functions also as the Soto Zen headquarters for North America and as Betsuin, representing both training mon­asteries in Japan, Eihei
Zen Mountain Center (ZMC) is located in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, 120 miles east of Los Angeles. Nestled in a forested canyon at an alti­tude of 5,500 feet
No description available. address: 2085 Primrose Drive, Willits, CA 95490 PHONE: (707) 459-3771 e-mail: elihu_smith@RedwoodFN. org lineage: Ordinary Mind Zen School spiritual heads
As reflected in the name of our lineage, “Ordinary Mind Zen School,” the prac­tice at Zen Center of San Diego empha­sizes pure awareness and close attention to body experienc
Zen Center of Los Angeles (ZCLA), es­tablished in 1967 by the late Hakuyu Tai - zan Maezumi-Roshi, is an urban Zen residential community in the heart of Los Angeles. ZCLA offers y

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