Buu Mon Buddhist Temple

We hold weekly evening meditation in our temple. Annual ceremonies include Maghapuja, Vesak, Parent’s Day, Chil­dren’s Festival, Kathina, and Vietnamese New Year.

address: 2701 Procter Street, Port Ar­thur, TX 77640 phone: (409) 982-9319 FAX: (409) 985-3749 lineage: Vietnamese Theravada spiritual head: Rev. Bhante Huyen Viet, Resident Teacher AFFILIATION: Autonomous facilities: Temple

meditation program: Weekly medita­tion group, one evening a week. Call for times.

Houston Buddhist Vihara

Sunday Dharma School is held once a month in Austin. We celebrate Vesak in May, Sinhalese New Year in April, Kath­ina in October, Western New Year (Janu­ary) and Chinese New Year in February. Our meditation group meets once a week and has about fifteen members. address: 8727 Radio Road, Houston,

TX 77075 PHONE: (713) 944-1334 FAX: (713) 943-1417 lineage: Sinhalese, Vietnamese spiritual heads: Ven. Kamburagalle Nanda, Ven. Basnagoda Rahula, and Ven. Ratnaguna (Buu Due) facilities: New building on Radio Road includes library and bookstore. meditation program: Weekly evening service with meditation; daily morning service; Sunday service and Sunday school. Call for times. publications: Annual newsletter.

Insight Meditation Dallas

Insight Meditation Dallas offers an ongo­ing informal program of weekly sittings, monthly dharma discussion groups, oc­casional days of mindfulness, community dinners, and two silent weekend retreats each year. Our purpose is to foster the practice of Vipassana (Insight) medita­tion in Dallas and North Texas. address: PO Box 781632, Dallas,

TX 75378 PHONE: (214) 351-3789 e-mail: lvw@metronet. com lineage: Vipassana Meditation

AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1992 facilities: Rented facilities. meditation program: Weekly sittings, monthly dharma discussion groups. retreats offered: “Days of Mindful - ness.” Two weekend retreats yearly. publications: Occasional newsletter.

Insight Meditation Houston

Insight Meditation Houston was founded in 1985 by Rodney Smith, a teacher in-

PHONES: (972) 445-1646 (Viet), (214) 832-5961 (English)

FAX: (972) 579-1527 lineage: Vietnamese Theravada spiritual heads: Ven. Thich Phan Nhan. Ven. Dr. Khantidhammo Ma - hathero, Abbot contact: Sucarita Metta Jon Maslow, Chaplain

affiliation: Vietnamese Theravada Buddhist Sangha facilities: Monastery and temple. meditation program: Vipassana medi­tation and metta bhavana (loving-kind - ness meditation) on Sundays. retreats offered: On request.

Phap Luan Buddhist Culture Center

spired by his years as a monk in Asia and as a yogi at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. After two years he left Houston, and we have had to be a light unto ourselves ever since; a circum­stance not without its advantages. Each month a different moderator conducts the weekly meetings consisting of an hour’s sitting and walking meditation and an hour’s spoken program. Begin­ning classes are offered at no charge, and rural retreats are led by various visiting teachers.

address: c/o Sieber, 3621 Georgetown, Houston, TX 77005 PHONE: (713) 667-4397 fax: Same (call first) lineage: Theravada Vipassana contact: John Sieber AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1985

facilities: Retreats are held at Margaret Austin Center. Meetings at the Hospice at Texas Medical Center, Houston. meditation program: Meditation and dharma talk one evening weekly. Free introductory classes.

retreats offered: Three two - to seven - day retreats yearly. publications: Insight Meditation Hous­ton Newsletter, every two months; Mar­garet Austin Center Newsletter, twice a year.

Lien Hoa Monastery

Now in his late fifties, our master, Ven. Dr. Khantidhammo, became a samanera at the age of twelve. Disciplined in both Mahayana and Theravada teachings, he studied under the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw. Practice at Lien Hoa is Vipassana medita­tion and Metta Bhavana (loving-kindness meditation). Weekly services are con­ducted in Vietnamese, English, and Pali. Our congregation’s ethnic makeup is 90 percent Vietnamese and Vietnamese- Americans; the other 10 percent is a mix of Chinese, Sri Lankans, and Euro- Americans. Our master speaks English well, as do many of the sangha at Lien Hoa.

address: 2014 Rose Street, Irving,

TX 75061

Phap Luan Temple serves as the office of the president of the Vietnamese Ameri­can Unified Buddhist Congress. Annual ceremonies include Magha Puja, Vesak Puja, Kathina, Parent Day, Vietnamese New Year, and Youth Festival. address: 13913 South Post Oak Road, Houston, TX 77045 phone: (713) 433-4364 lineage: Vietnamese Theravada spiritual head: Rev. Giac Dang Jotika, Resident Director affiliation: Vietnamese American Uni­fied Buddhist Congress meditation program: Biweekly dharma class; Sunday Service. Call for times.

retreats offered: One week every three months. publications: Phap Luan Newsletter

Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center—Dhamma Siri

For additional information, please see listing for Vipassana Meditation Center, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

address: PO Box 190248, Dallas,

TX 75219-0248 phones: (214) 932-7868. Course infor­mation, (214) 521-5258 fax: (214) 522-5973 e-mail: vip@onramp. net lineage: Vipassana meditation in the tradition of the Burmese teacher Saya - gyi U Ba Khin, as taught by S. N. Goenka

spiritual head: S. N. Goenka, Vipas­sana International Academy contact: No resident teachers; numer­ous assistant teachers conduct courses on a guest basis. affiliation: Over thirty permanent centers and many associations in thirty - five countries. There is no parent group. Timetable, retreat format, and medita­tion instructions are the same at all courses worldwide.


facilities: Meditation center on twenty

acres of agricultural land twenty-five miles southeast of Dallas near Kauf­man, Texas; capacity: thirty-five stu­dents.

retreats offered: Ten-day courses twice monthly; periodic introductory three-day and short children’s courses; advanced eight - to ten-day courses on Satipatthana Sutta.

Wat Buddhavas Thai Temple

Annual ceremonies include Visakarija, Magarija, Songkran, Kathina, Asalha, New Year.

address: 6007 Spindle Drive, Houston, TX 77086-3930 PHONES: (713) 521-5941, (713) 820-3255 FAX: (713) 931-9746 lineage: Thai Theravada spiritual heads: Vens. Prachan Kam - chan, Phol Orapin, Ken Kamala contact: Suchada Kailey facilities: Urban temple. meditation program: Weekly medita­tion and chanting. Call for times. retreats offered: Visakapuja and Maghapuja three-day retreats. publications: Bimonthly newsletter.

about Buddhism:
Bhavana Society The Bhavana Society’s forest monastery offers newcomers and experienced stu­dents the opportunity to study and prac­tice Vipassana meditation under the guidance
Bellingham Vipassana Meditation Group Weekly Vipassana meditation practice, group discussion and monthly potlucks. Beginning instruction available. A group of six to twelve people
Ekoji Buddhist Sangha Vipassana Sitting Group This is an informal group that sits weekly for forty-five minutes to one hour. We are not affiliated with any teacher or par­ticular
DharmaNet E-mail teaching group and individual guidance. address: PO Box 78, East Middlebury, VT 05740 PHONE: (802) 388-7329 FAX: (802) 388-6406 e-mail: asbarker@sover. net lineage
The Last Resort The Last Resort is located in the moun­tains of southern Utah about forty miles southwest of Bryce Canyon at an eleva­tion of 8,700 feet. The purifying and ma­je
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