Arizona Buddhist Temple

We offer many activities for families and individuals. These include regular Sun­day services with dharma school for the children. We also have discussion and study groups, a Desert Dharma Club for adults, a women’s association, and a chapter of the Junior Young Buddhists Association. Visitors are always welcome.

address: 4142 West Clarendon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019-3617 phone: (602) 278-0036 FAX: (602) 278-1939

lineage: Buddhist Churches of America spiritual head: Bishop Hakubun Wata - nabe

contact: Rev. Lee Rosenthal affiliation: Buddhist Churches of America ESTABLISHED: 1933 facilities: Temple


publications: Prajna

Desert Cactus Sangha

We gather together on one Sunday each month for a half-Day of Mindfulness, in­cluding sitting and walking meditation, readings, discussion, and viewing of videotapes of Thich Nhat Hanh or other spiritual teachers, followed by a silent vegetarian potluck. We also meet one evening a month to meditate. Call for times.

address: 5437 East Pinchot Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85018 PHONE: (602) 952-0915 FAX: (602) 495-2432 e-mail: mcolpas@ci. phoenix. az. us lineage: Mindfulness practice in the tra­dition of Thich Nhat Hanh. spiritual head: Thich Nhat Hanh contact: Marcie Colpas

AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1993 facilities: Meet in private home. retreats offered: Annual retreat in early May.

Haku-un-ji Tempe Zen Center

Haku-un-ji was founded by Sokai, a stu­dent of Joshu Sasaki-Roshi at Mt. Baldy Zen Center for over five years. The Sun­day sitting group, with instruction for be­ginners, meets at Tempe Bodyworks Studio (1801 South Jentilly, #8). There are also sittings three evenings weekly at the zendo on Cedar Street. These include sutra chanting and (sometimes) a discus­sion group. Please call ahead for direc­tions and times. There are monthly zazenkai and periodic retreats. No over­night accommodations are available. The practice is Rinzai, based upon the liturgy of Mt. Baldy Zen Center. Soto prac­titioners are also welcome. address: 1448 East Cedar Street, Tempe, AZ 85281 phone: (602) 894-6353 e-mail: TwwX80A@Prodigy. com lineage: Japanese Rinzai Zen spiritual head: Kyozan Joshu Sasaki - Roshi

contact: Sokai Barratt, resident monk affiliation: Rinzai-ji/Mt. Baldy ESTABLISHED: 1994 facilities: Zendo accommodating ap­proximately twenty practitioners. No overnight accommodations. retreats offered: Monthly one-day and quarterly weekend zazenkai.

Jodo Shu Dharma Center

We are a family-oriented Pure Land Bud­dhist center. We provide Sunday services and a study group. The first Wednesday evening of each month we gather for nembutsu practice. Newcomers are wel­come.

address: 229 East Palo Verde Street, Gilbert, AZ 85296 phone: (602) 545-7684 LINEAGE: Jodo Shu

spiritual head: Bishop Satoru Ryosho Kawai contact: Terry Lewis affiliation: Jodo Shu North America Missions ESTABLISHED: 1992 facilities: Meet in private home.

Peace House

We practice engaged Buddhism, in which we look deeply at our interdependence with all things. We do this through Vipas - sana meditation as a community, and not just as individuals.

address: 4601 East Monte Vista Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008 PHONE: (602) 389-9862 lineage: Tiep Hien Order spiritual head: Thich Nhat Hanh contact: Marvin Brown affiliation: Tiep Hien order ESTABLISHED: 1996 facilities: Center retreats offered: Irregularly sched­uled.

Satisfied Mind Sangha

For additional information please refer to the Community of Mindful Living in Berkeley, California. address: 113 West Goodwin, Prescott, AZ 86303 PHONE: (602) 776-9766 lineage: Mindfulness practice in the tra­dition of Thich Nhat Hanh. spiritual head: Thich Nhat Hanh contact: Tom Brodersen affiliation: Community of Mindful Living, Berkeley, California meditation program: We meet one evening weekly as a nonsectarian Bud­dhist meditation group.

Valley Unitarian Universalist Zen Group/Desert Lotus Sangha

We are an interfaith Zen meditation group guided by James Ford Osho. Rev. Ford has been ordained both as a Unitar­ian Universalist minister and a Soto Zen priest. Since 1986 he has been a student of John Tarrant-Roshi, head of the Cali­fornia Diamond Sangha. Our style is in­
formal but follows the Diamond Sangha tradition.

address: 1700 West Warner Road, Chandler, AZ 85224 phone: (602) 899-4249 e-mail: JJFord@Goodnet. com, or UUBF@UUA. org LINEAGE: Zen

contact: Rev. James Ishmael Ford AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1996

facilities: Meetings at Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. retreats offered: Half-day, as an­nounced.

Zen Desert Sangha

Zen Desert Sangha is affiliated with Diamond Sangha, founded by Robert Aitken-Roshi. Our practice combines ele­ments of both the Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions in the spirit of a truly demo­cratic sangha that is open to all. While we do not have a resident teacher, we are in close contact with Patrick Hawk-Roshi, a dharma heir of Aitken-Roshi. We have three on-site sesshin annually and a vari­ety of other events during the year. We are an active, thriving Zen center. Visitors are always welcome! address: PO Box 44122, Tucson,

AZ 85733-4122 phone: (520) 327-8460 e-mail: rjlane@tmug. com lineage: Japanese/Sanbo Kyodan/Dia - mond Sangha spiritual head: Robert Aitken-Roshi affiliation: Diamond Sangha/Three Treasures lineage ESTABLISHED: 1982 facilities: Large dedicated zendo; re­treat facilities. retreats offered: Three sesshin yearly with Pat Hawk-Roshi. publications: The Buddhist Stew

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Arizona Buddhist Temple We offer many activities for families and individuals. These include regular Sun­day services with dharma school for the children. We…


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