Our group started with a few members willing to climb through a second-story window once a week to get to our zendo in a condemned building. Presently we have a “walk-in” zendo in Charlottesville for daily zazen and extended Sunday morning practice. We also have a zendo in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we hold retreats that emphasize zazen, work practice, and ample kinhin on outdoor trails. Members of our group have stud­ied with various teachers, but our forma­tive connection has been with Rinzai-ji.

address: 4460 Advance Mills Road, Earlysville, VA 22936 PHONE: (804) 973-5435 lineage: Rinzai Zen spiritual heads: Kyozan Joshu Sasaki - Roshi and others contact: Teido Bill Stephens affiliation: Informally affiliated with Rinzai-ji.


facilities: City zendo and mountain re­treat facility. meditation program: Zazen daily;

Sunday extended practice. retreats offered: Periodic two - and three-day retreats.

about Buddhism:
Zen America is an organization for shar­ing the richness of spiritual and philo­sophical wisdom that is increasingly commanding the interest of the Western world. Zen is where Ea
Washington Mindfulness Community was established by a group of women and men inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a contemporary Vietnamese Zen Master, author, and peace a
For additional information, please refer to Community of Mindful Living, Berke­ley, California. address: 8502 Rehoboth Court, Vienna, VA 22031-5061 PHONE: (703) 356-4912 e-mail: w
Our teachers have given us an incredible treasure. We established Stone Mountain Zendo to share with others the dharma that has come down to us through twenty-five hundred years of
We are a sangha within a land-based, egalitarian, income-sharing, nonreligious community. We are open to new mem­bers. (For additional information, please refer to Community of Mi
Sai Sho An Zen Group is a small sangha located in a rural/suburban community in Fauquier County, Virginia. One of the oldest Zen sanghas in the South, the group is led by Tom Daven

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