North Cascades Buddhist Priory is an af­filiated temple of Shasta Abbey, Head­quarters of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Located in Northern California, Shasta Abbey is a Buddhist monastery and seminary in the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition. It was founded in 1970 by Rev. Master Jiyu - Kennett who, until her death in 1996, served as Abbess and Head of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Buddhist training within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives is based upon the prac­tice of Serene Reflection meditation, the keeping of the Buddhist Precepts, and the

integration of meditation and Buddhist teaching with daily life. address: PO Box 152, McKenna,

WA 98558-0152 PHONE: (360) 458-5075 lineage: Soto Zen and Chinese Ma­hayana

spiritual head: The late Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett contact: Reverend Prior affiliation: Shasta Abbey, Headquar­ters of the Order of Buddhist Contem­platives ESTABLISHED: 1986 facilities: Rural retreat center and urban (Seattle) temple.


publications: Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (quarterly publication).

about Buddhism:
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