Ours is a generation bent on changing things. Significant, lasting change is achievable, but effort is not enough. To implement fundamental, sustainable changes to systems that engender poverty, marginalization, degradation, and pain we must first educate ourselves. A working knowledge of both the issues themselves and the underlying philosophies that result in various approaches to policy remedies will enable the discovery of common sense solutions.

Why Common Sense Concept?  The name evokes Thomas Paine, the Revolution-era author of an influential primer on the philosophical underpinnings of the Colonies’ case against England.  In many ways, this project is similar to Paine’s Common Sense.  We seek to reach people who care about the important questions of the day but don’t have the time to be wholly devoted to engaging the ideas.  However, we ultimately decided on the name for a different reason.  Our goal is to inspire a new shared sense of which ideas will ultimately prove to make the world a better place for everyone.  The concepts we advocate, when shared by enough bright, enthusiastic people dedicated to a cause, will work.  That is the Common Sense Concept.

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  • Just Thoughts

    The path he chose was a path going in the opposite direction of many his age, but he chose it with the same thirst for swift achievement. As soon as he reflected seriously on it, he was convinced and convicted of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, and at once he instinctively said to himself: 'I want to live for immortality with Him and I will accept no compromise.' -Dostoevsky, Brothers K