Be Involved

If the Common Sense Concept is something you would like to be a part of there are lots of ways to be involved.  Consider…

♦ becoming active in the conversations occurring through the CSC Facebook group.

♦ bringing us to your school for a large or small scale event or discussion

♦ watching Common Sense Concept events via webcast

♦ encouraging your professors to incorporate our books into course curriculum

♦ applying for an internship with us in Washington (available each semester and over the summer)

Contact to talk in more detail about these and other opportunities.

  • Just Thoughts

    The path he chose was a path going in the opposite direction of many his age, but he chose it with the same thirst for swift achievement. As soon as he reflected seriously on it, he was convinced and convicted of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, and at once he instinctively said to himself: 'I want to live for immortality with Him and I will accept no compromise.' -Dostoevsky, Brothers K