Vipassana Support Institute (VSI) trains people in attention and focusing skills using approaches derived from the Bud­dhist practice of Vipassana Meditation. This training is presented without cul­tural or religious trappings. VSI also pro­vides innovative support structures to help individuals maintain their ongoing practice, particularly in times of crisis and challenge. Shinzen Young is a West­erner who has trained extensively in Asian monasteries. He is a scholar of lan­guages and science. By drawing parallels between the internal science of mindful­ness and the external science of the West, he makes the teachings accessible to the modern mind.

address: 4070 Albright Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066 PHONE: (310) 915-1943 FAX: (310) 391-7969 e-mail: shinlist@together. net spiritual head: Shinzen Young, Resi­dent Director AFFILIATION: Autonomous ESTABLISHED: 1992

facilities: Retreats are held at various centers.

retreats offered: One - to ten-day re­treats in Los Angeles; four - to seven-day retreats in Maryland, Colorado, Ari­zona, and Toronto, making practice ap­proachable to a broad public.

publications: Tape catalog—over one hundred titles on the theory and prac­tice of meditation; annual teaching schedule.

about Buddhism:
No description available. address: 8225 Coldwater Canyon Ave­nue, North Hollywood, CA 91605- 1198 PHONE: (818) 785-9552 FAX: (818) 780-0616 LINEAGE: Thai spiritual head: Phrawichi
Phranaha Prasert has discussion/medita­tion groups weekly. The best time to go for a first-time visit is on a Sunday. Call for times. address: 36054 Niles Boulevard, Fremont, CA 9
Vipassana Santa Cruz is a group of Bud­dhists and non-Buddhists in the Santa Cruz area who meet regularly for Vipas­sana meditation. Mary Orr, trained by Jack Kornfield of Spirit
Ongoing evenings of sitting, talk, and dis­cussion at St. John’s Church. Write for schedule. address: Nisker, Box 9999, North Berkeley Station, Berkeley, CA 94709 lineage: Thera
Taungpulu Kaba-Aye Monastery is a mo­nastic training facility in the Theravada tradition. Training under resident monks emphasizes mindfulness and loving­kindness practices for t
A longtime disciple of the Very Ven. Taungpulu Kaba-Aye Sayadaw Phaya of Upper Burma, Rina Sircar is cofounder of Taungpulu Kaba-Aye (World Peace) Monastery and a professor at the

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